Harry Potter and The Forbidden Forest

Philosopher’s Stone: Students are not allowed to go in the Forbidden Fore….ah fuck we’re here for detention and fuuuuu…there’s Voldemort!

Chamber of Secrets: We shouldn’t be here…..fuuuuuuu huge spider! Spiders, spiders!!!

Prisoner of Azkaban: For the third time, we shouldn’t be he…….oh fuck, we’re hiding from ourselves in here with a hippogriff…and there goes a werewolf and a mass murderer who turns out to be my godfather…

Goblet of Fire: Fuck it, I’m talking with Krum here…..BARTY CROUCH IS HEREADSGRI_SA)

Order of the Phoenix: HAGRID, GRAWP WHAT………and also, I must not tell lies, Professor.

Half-Blood Prince: Thank God, we’re not going in there this year.

Deathly Hallows: AVADA KEDAVR……..fuck, I’m dead.


i’m tasteless but so is water and we all need that

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